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Why People Love Country Music

Country music is a unique genre. People who love country music love it passionately. The reasons are clear; country music has a way of playing into culture, feelings, and emotions. This is an old music genre, but it continues to dominate the airwaves until to date.

The best thing with country music is that there are a variety of music options. We have gospel country music and also love songs. You can get every type of music that you want when listening to country music. Here are the reasons why people love country music:

Everyone Loves a Story

Country music is all about telling a strong. You will realize that behind every country song there is a strong being told. One good example is the coward of the county by Kenny Rogers. Kenny Rogers gives a story that is relatable.

The fact that country music tells a story means that many people can relate to the songs. It also means that the music teaches some lessons. Behind every story told through a country song, there is always a lesson at the end of it.

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Country Music Performances

When it comes to attending a country music show, you will get an experience. Country music singers know how to make the performance worth the while. They sing on live performances as the crowd sings along.

Unlike modern musicians who sing with a DJ on the decks, country music gives their fans a live performance. There is nothing as refreshing as getting a personalized performance from the artist.

Fashion and Accentscountry music

If you have ever attended a country music concert, you will love the fashion and accent. People are dressed in boots and large hats to showcase their fashion.

You will also love the accents of the country music singers and fans. If you want to experience a true country experience, make sure that you attend one of the concerts.

Music Comes from the Heart

Country music comes from the heart. Many of the country music song about things that they have experienced. These are songs that are sang by artists who sing based on how they feel.

Country music touches topics that are sensitive to the heart. Most of the country singers will sing about love, addiction, divorce, and other sensitive topics. These are songs that touch the heart and appeal to the emotions.

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Brilliant Ideas to Spend Leisure Time

A long holiday or an opportunity to spend days idly may seem like a good idea to some people. But for the highly productive ones, that kind of days only brings boredom and discontent. Only activities can make their leisure enjoyable.

Besides, having too much of free time will be deterrent to mind. There are a lot of things that can be done while one is not at work. And here are some ideas for you.


Achieving Physical Fitness Goals

getting in shape during holidayIf you have a holiday more than three months, it can be your best chance to pursue the abandoned fitness goals. Getting in shape, improving endurance or agility, and bulking up muscles are several examples of the goals.

First, allocate no more than five days to research on physical fitness. Note foods that can cause allergy to you. This step is important because you do not want to have your diet ruined by an allergy symptom. Bloating is one example of the symptoms which is notorious for causing long-lasting discomforts and pain.

Mark your current weight and your target. Read articles from credible sources about the science of physical fitness. This step is vital for your trainings and workouts so that you won’t injure yourself. Learn how to exercise with gradual intensity. Drastic pressure on muscles and joints from an extensive workout may result in permanent damage to the body. Do not let your passion outsmart you.

Learning Crafting Skills

crafting metal at homeIf you have an empty shed in the yard, then right now is the time for you to make good use of it. Learn how to craft things according to your interest. Study and practice metalwork if you do not mind welding and forging. Woodcrafting can also be a good choice because it enforces one’s attention on delicacy and intricacy. Or, if you do not want heavy work, you can learn handcraft. Creating small and simple ornaments from everyday objects provides unique challenges.

However, watching tutorial videos and reading DIY blogs may waste your time. If you are not a highly autodidactic person, crafting things without any assistance from an expert may be inefficient and even dangerous. As an example is learning metalwork from scratch. Welding and cutting metal can harm you if you do not know how to do them correctly.

To overcome the risks, you can join a class first. Receiving professional training allows you to create things with precision. The certificates can also be useful for work. They show how diligent you are.

Learning Languages

learning language illustrationThree months are enough to learn the basic of a foreign language. And there are many benefits of it. First, speaking in a foreign language expands your mind. You will be trained to use a language logic that is different from your mother tongue. Second, it opens more doors to job opportunities. All employers appreciate their workers for being able to speak a second language. To the company, a multilingual person is an asset who may open a path to new deals.

However, make sure that you learn a language from renowned and reputable courses. To check the status, you can investigate whether universities and companies acknowledge the course’s certification.


How Internet Radio Stations Make Money

Most people may think that setting up an internet radio station is a direct ticket to make money online. It takes hard work, commitment, and above all a good plan to succeed. Initial set up costs are also high, contrary to the normal thoughts out there that starting this business is an easy venture. In this article, we are going to tackle the various ways through which online radios make money and possibly suggest the best ways you can follow to start and promote your internet radio station with the aim of earning money.

So how can you earn money from your internet radio station?

Internet radios don’t rely on one way to earn cash. There are different business models that you can follow to start and promote internet radio station in order to earn money. The two main models use are:

1. Sponsorship model

Radio micThis model is a more indirect method of advertising used by internet radios. In this model, companies pay to sponsor particular shows aimed at target audience or demography. The way it works is the presenter mentions the sponsor at the start and end of a show, endorsing the sponsoring company or their service. Some radios also showcase the sponsorship in their site.

Advertisement model

In the advertisement model, companies pay for air-time. This is the most common method used that is tried and tested. Small sound bites get played in between tracks. It is a simple but efficient way to grab the listener’s attention.

Other ways to earn money

3. Membership

This is another sure and effective way to generate revenue. If managed correctly, you can make a good fortune out of your internet radio. To justify your membership fee, you need to be a notch higher from the free to air internet radios. Justify to your listeners that the content is worth the fee you’re charging them.

4. Donations

DonationsRather than going the membership way, you can also decide to go off goodwill and generosity from your listeners. You can embed a PayPal donate button on your website to allow listeners donate what they want. The good thing with this model is that there is no limit on the amount you can receive, but you are also not sure of how much you’ll get making it not a long term option of making money from your online radio.

5. Affiliate marketing

Online businesses have affiliate programs that pay money bases on the number of clicks. Some even pay a commission on sales originating from clicks. Unique tracking IDs are used to track the number of people funneled from your website.

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Careers in the radio industry

It may not seem like it—but the radio industry is huge when it comes to career accommodations. It is an industry that accommodates all kinds of jobs, from creativity to white collar jobs. Many people, especially the younger generation, do not consider careers in the radio industry—and one of the top reasons to this is ignorance. In this post, we will take a look at what the industry has to offer, and why more people should consider joining.

Top job opportunities in the radio industry

Radio presentersRadio presenters mic

The most obvious career path that is always associated with radio is radio presenting. It is a very well-paying job and comes with lots of perks—presenters are celebrities. It also holds a lot of responsibilities, as a radio broadcaster, you can’t afford to be biased. Listeners need to get news that is true and use the information to make their lives better.

IT experts

Information Technology is very technology oriented and mainly linked with computers. Like every other industry, radio stations make use of computers for almost everything, and hence the need for IT experts to help them run their machines. This is the reason why the radio industry employs a lot of IT experts.

Radio engineers

Transmitting sound, maintaining frequencies, and ensuring that everyone can listen to the sound is no easy task, and it takes several radio engineers to run and maintain. Radio engineering is the foundation of broadcast radio, hence the vital need for these engineers.

Audio engineers

Audio engineering is a field that is not known by many people. The best way to understand this area is to imagine of the brilliant sounds used in science fiction movies, they are not real—yet they sound genuine. That is what an audio engineer does. For music, adverts, and sound effects, radio channels always rely on audio engineers.


Well, as a musician, the radio industry is the number one employer. Every time a song plays on the radio, know that the musician or band is getting paid some money through royalties—no wonder musicians are always very rich.

Disc jockey (DJ)

These days being a DJ is no longer a passion, and can land you a lucrative position in the radio industry. People have become accustomed to music played by DJ’s, particularly the style used to queue and transition music. If you believe that you are a good DJ, then start sending job applications to radio stations.


Benefits of Internet radio

Since the advent of electronic communication, radio has been a big part of our lives. Whether doing home chores, stuck in traffic jam, or even at work—listen to the radio is a norm. We all have our favorite presenters and shows. Even with other technologies such as TV, the convenience of radio still holds up.

The maturity of the Internet saw the fall of many technologies, including cable television, and even some decline in voice phone calls. Luckily for radio, it was very easy to use the new platform, hence the plethora of radio stations availing live streaming of their radio stations. Unlike cable television, many people still enjoy listening to radio stations—especially now that they are accessible on the internet.

In case you are wondering why radio is still going strong in the web age, then we hope the following helps you understand.

Radio in the age of the internetmixer

Unlike traditional broadcast radio, internet radio works a little different. Here is the comparison.

Broadcast radio

Broadcast worked by sending radio waves using a certain licensed frequency—in all directions. The coverage then determined who listened to the radio. Most radio coverage is usually nationwide.

Internet radio

The internet works a little different—basically using an IP address to transmit audio, a process called streaming. Users can then visit this IP address on a web browser and be able to listen to the radio.

Benefits of internet radio

Advantages that Internet radio avails

Worldwide coverage

Unlike broadcast radio, the internet makes worldwide coverage a very easy. Once the radio is being streamed via an individual IP address, it is linked to a domain name, and anyone with the domain name can listen to the radio from all over the world.

More ways to monetize content

If you host radio on a web page, it becomes better for advertisement. Alongside the traditional radio adverts, visual one’s can be placed on the web page, targeting the individuals that visit the station online. This ends up in more revenue earned.

More engaging

Alongside the advertisements, live chat groups can be created, making it very easy for people to start conversations, creating a thriving community.

Better audio quality

With the internet, the radio signal strength doesn’t determine how clear a signal is. The recipient will always receive high-quality audio.

No interference

The frequencies that aroke used by broadcast radio, like FM and AM, are usually congested, and are very easy to highjack, meaning that sometime; you might get interference. Internet radio overcomes this particularly because every radio gets a unique IP address, and there are enough IP addresses for everyone.